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  • Preserving The Wild
    We should keep the wonder of nature's beauty all around us
  • Preserving A Diamond
    Gratitude for all the positive attributes of Diamond Harbour community
  • Solitude, a beautiful gift.
    Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. ~Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun. It is time for me to escape and find a little solitude
  • Share the foody passion
    Much reading and research followed but it wasn't long until, at their request, Anna was teaching friends. Now Anna shares her journey with people from all over NZ and Australia in her simple, laid back relaxed style.
  • Meet The Mahys
    We are the Mahys. A family of foodies from the Isle of Guernsey. With a sense of adventure we boarded a plane for NZ almost 10 years ago and haven't looked back.
  • Watch my garden grow
    There is something very theraputic and healing about growing. I recommend it to all..even if it's just a wee chili plant in your kitchen
  • The road to charcuterie
    Anna was disappointed when she found you couldn't get free range small goods in the shops when we first moved here. So she set out to find out how to make bacon. It was such a success she moved on to salamis....these are the first ever!
  • The whole Pig
    It wasn't long until Anna had talked a friend into sharing a whole pig. Two families gathered together and made everything from sausages to salamis, from pancetta to prosciutto and a passion was born
  • See one, do one, teach one
    "See one, do one, teach one". This was the mantra when Anna was a student nurse. A philosophy she has carried with her into her workshops and her homeschooling. Anna believes teaching should be done in a way everyone can understand and repeat.

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