The road to charcuterie

The road to charcuterie

As a food lover, Anna is unsettled by the way the food industry produces meat and aims to eat meat that has been raised in a way in which the animal experiences a life full of....well, life!  Chickens able to root, run and hang about in groups gossiping.  Pigs free to roll in the mud, scratch on a tree, find a tasty root.  This is how our Charcuterie journey began.  From the simple desire for some guilt free bacon, a free range pork belly was bought. Four days later the mouthwatering aroma of our first venture into making our own small goods filled the house.

An art so old references to it can be found dating back 2,000 years.  An art simple enough that it can be done in my kitchen....or yours!  A craft that saw this simple bacon experiment grow in to family gatherings with men chopping and mining, woman flavoring and salting and kids making lengths of plump sausages that we pleasingly sizzle on the bonfire at day's end.

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