Getting a Ginger Bug - How to make your own traditional Ginger Bug for making homemade Ginger beer (Ale)

Getting a Ginger Bug - How to make your own traditional Ginger Bug for making homemade Ginger beer (Ale)

Ginger Beer is a unique flavored fizzy drink.  The best bit about it is it can be simply made at home without adding preservatives, artificial colours or other nasties.  I've always enjoyed making it with my own children and have shared the simple secrets with other children too.  Always the reaction to it turning out well is the same, smiles and joys!  Of course as we are using natural yeast you can get the odd bottle that isnt quite so joyful but when it works its a fizz sensation.

I have made it very quickly in a bottle but you can also make a bug.  A bug is the same idea as making a sourdough starter.  A living starter that you need to feed and look after and you can produce ginger beer from it time and time again. 

It can also be good for you!  With natural healthy cultures as well as ginger its a guilt free treat.  Ginger has been said to calm a stomach, reduce motion and morning sickness.  It is anti inflammatory and said to be good for those with joint aches and pains. It boosts the immune system helps to lower cholesterol and I have even heard it is beneficial in reducing certain cancer risks.  Now I'm not sure that can be said of many fizzy drinks!

Ingredients for "The Bug"

Filtered water (or boiled cooled water)

cup of sugar

A good size piece of ginger

lemons (optional)

First - The Bug

To make the bug we want to use the natural yeast present on the ginger.  To get the yeast active and multiplying we want to keep it nice and warm and give it a good source of food.  

Grate 2 tsp ginger and mix with 2 tsp or sugar and 2 tbs of the water.  

Cover and keep in a nice warm place.  It needs to be at least room temp but if you have a warm cupboard even better!

Visit your little baby every day for the next 6 days and add another tbs each of grated ginger, sugar and the water.

By the end of the 6 days you should hopefully see bubbles on the top and signs of yeast activity.  You now have your live bug.  Look after it and it will look after your ginger beer monsters.

Now you are ready to make Ginger Beer.

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