Fabulous Figs - with blue cheese and prosciutto

Fabulous Figs - with blue cheese and prosciutto

Fabulous figs with blue cheese and prosciutto

I love figs so I was very excited when we moved here 5 years ago as there were two fig trees in the garden.  I have since added a third of a different variety.

I have just come in from the garden and the trees are dripping so I have a armful I am about to turn into something pretty special.

There are so many good ways to eat figs.  One first favorite is early in the morning, as the sun is rising, the dew still on the ground and the rest of the family sleeping.  I sneak out and stand beneath the fig trees watching the world wake up in the growing morning light.  The tree attracts the birds and I let them feast on the higher figs while I stand below picking the figs and enjoy their sweet delicate flavour.  I believe its the best way as you reach and rub against the leaves they release their wonderful coconut aroma which makes it all the better.

My second favorite way is so simple, but like many simple things we teach at our workshop, the end result is stunning and bound to impress.



Blue Cheese


Proscuitto (I use home cured which you can learn to make on our Pig in a Day workshop)


Chill your figs for 30 mins

Pop your gill on to warm up.

Slice each fig in half

place a small piece of blue cheese in the center of each half

Top the cheese with a walnut

Wrap the fig in prosciutto

Place under the grill. Keep an eye on it!  You just want the prosciutto to start to crisp on top.

Take out and serve immediately.  The prosciutto on top should be crisp the cheese just starting to melt in the middle and the fig still cool.  A beautiful mix of aroma, taste and texture!


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