Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons

You will need



kosha salt (or plain salt) about 1 kilo to 10 large lemons.

2 bay leaves per jar

1 tbs of lightly toasted and crushed coriander seeds per jar

1 tbs black pepper corns lightly toasted an crushed.

1 red chilly sliced down the middle, per jar

1 cinnamon quill per jar (optional)


Slice each lemon in half

pour salt into your jar to make a 1cm layer at the bottom.

Layer the lemons to fill the jar, sprinkling each layer well with a mix of the salt and herbs.  When about half full add in the chilli, cinnamon and a bay leaf, keep layering. 

when full with lemons at more salt and shake it down to fill any gaps.

Place in a cool dark cupboard.  Give a hake every couple of days.  I use a jar with a non corrosive top so I can stand it on its bum for a few days then its top for a few.  Do this for a week or two then leave for another 2 weeks.  Total time in the sealed jar should be at least a month.  They will turn a dull slightly brown colour.

The lemons can then be used in many ways, add to curries, stuff a chicken, roll in pork.  

If you want to liven up a salad take out a lemon, scoop out flesh and soak the lemon skin in cold water for an hour before to reduce salt taste, then dice and toss through a salad.

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