Cook Shop and Workshop Dates


  • Courses / workshops
    Preserved Cook School runs hands on, fun and informative workshops. Our workshops are attended by food lovers, hunters, home makers and food professionals and have also given some people the boost to get their small business started. No matter if you are working with food or just love it, you will have a great experience with us at Preserved Cook School.
  • Equipment
    Sausage stuffers, pasta machines ,smokers
  • Events at Preserved Eatery
    Long lunches, special occasions,nose to tail eating experiences, Dining series. The Preserved team believe in creativity and community. Find out about our upcoming events here.
  • St Patricks Day Dinner
    Join us for long table Celtic inspired feasting. Come with friends and family or come alone and mee...
    NZ$ 59.00

Preserved Eatery and Cook School, Market stall, Preserved Eat

2i Waipapa Avenue
Diamond Harbour

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