• Elderflower Champagne
    I love the heady fragrance of these tiny white flowers and this low alcohol, naturally fizzy drink is perfect for summer
  • Duck Prosciutto
    Rich, full of flavour, duck breast prosciutto is definitely worth the effort to make
  • Duck Liver Parfait
    Smooth and creamy and moreish. Simple to make
  • Ginger & Lemon Sausage Cassarole
    When the rain starts falling the crock pot starts cooking. A heart warming sausage casserole is just the thing to bring comfort to a cold, wet and windy day.
  • Chinese Tea Eggs
    A wonderful aromatic boiled egg. Great to make up a batch and keep in the fridge. Eat on their open, slice and add to salads or light summer noodle soups
  • Wild Garlic Pesto
    Its wild garlic season and one easy and yummy thing to make is pesto!
  • Sauerkraut
    I spotted two big cabbages in the garden today. It wont take long for me to give them a special treatment and turn them into the perfect accompaniment to homemade sausages - sauerkraut
  • Quince Up-side-down cake
    There is something about a storm that makes me crave a nice, warm pudding. So with the last effects of cyclone Lusi swirling around yesterday I made the most of the quince she had knocked off the tree. Simply poached and then turned into a light and fluffy upside down cake, sweet, with a delicate flora flavour topped with lashings of cream. Perfect comfort food!
  • Quick and creamy fresh Ricotta
    I love ricotta as it is so versatile. I mix it into chocolate torte to create an extra creamy rich desert. Spread on fruit toast with a drizzle of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon. Yummy in a potato salad or use to make a cheese cake. I also like it fresh, still warm with a sprinkling of sea salt crystals and some fresh rosemary. It can be made in moments and is best eaten fresh.
  • Brine Cured Pork Roast
    The juicy succulent flavour infused tenderness of brined pork topped with perfect crackling is hard to pass up and a favorite in our home. Its simple to make and moreish to eat!
  • The Eel - Part One a boy and his hands
    After letting go their first eel of the year the kids talked about it they would be able to get any more. 2 days later, by chance, they did! Now they are on a mission to prepare it in the best way they can, into a delicious delicacy for us all.
  • Getting a Ginger Bug - How to make your own traditional Ginger Bug for making homemade Ginger beer (Ale)
    Many a childhood adventure, both fact and fiction, were built on the foundation of being able to stop, cool down and think over a bottle of ginger beer. The fresh tongue tingling taste and slightly warming effect its been a favorite for many years.
  • Fabulous Figs - with blue cheese and prosciutto
    I have a fabulous fig tree that fruits twice. The first slush comes in mid summer followed by a second autumn harvest. Add a little walnut a bit of cheese and some home cured prosciutto and you are on to a good thing!
  • Ham and pea soup.
    This is a wonderfully warming and comforting winter bowl or goodness. Always a favorite with the whole family. You can use a bacon hock from a good local butcher or your own from home curing. With the days getting cooler I find myself craving after bowls that can be held and warm my hands, we leave the dinning table untouched. The family curls up on the sofas round the fire, hands warmed by the bowls, souls warmed by the soup and stories of the day that flow.
  • Chorizo & Chickpea Soup
    A hearty warming winter soup that is a favorite to be served at our winter workshop and often gets a request for the recipe so I thought maybe I should share it with you all.

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