Elderberry Syrup for coughs, colds and flu.

The power of elderberries has been used for hundreds of years for treating all sorts of ills of which respiratory infections and the flu are the most popular. Research has shown elderberries to be effective in shortening the time the user has the flu. Each year, while the sun is still warm and thoughts of winter chills are not yet here, you can find me up the valley filling my basket with bunches of these tiny black elderberries. I make a medicinal syrup ready for winter and at the first sign of a sniffle in the house it is brought out of the cupboard. I have found it to be of great effect and it's also delicious.

Elderberries can be found mid to late summer, there are different varieties but the one we want is the most common and easily spotted by its dark blackberries.


3 cups of elderberries (fresh, frozen or dried)

6 cups of water

2 tbs grated fresh ginger

1 tbs black tea leaves

zest & juice of 2 lemons

2 tbs raw honey


1. Add the berries, water, ginger, tea, lemon zest and juice to a pan and bring to a simmer. Gently simmer for ten minutes. This extracts all the juice and cooks off the berries (which should not be consumed raw)

2. line a colander with muslin or use a fine sieve placed over a bowl big enough to contain all the juices. Pour the mixture in and leave to drain for a few minutes. You can squeeze the juice out as much as possible. Leave to cool. Discard the berry mix, we only want the juice. (My chickens enjoyed the mash!)

3. Stir in the honey well to combine. Pour into sterilised bottles and seal. I store a couple of bottles in the fridge door ready for the onset of winter.

Best taken at the first sign of symptoms. We take a tablespoon three times a day until symptoms are gone... which usually isn't long.

Disclaimer: I am not a Dr or medical professional. This is a home remedy that we have used many times that I am sharing as a personal note it is not intended to replace any recommendations from your Dr or other medical professionals. As with any illness if your symptoms persist see a Dr. If you have underlying health issues, consult a Dr before taking to ensure it is suitable for you.

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