UFO cold smoke generator

UFO cold smoke generator
The UFO Cold Smoke Generator produces cold smoke 3-5 degrees Above ambient temperature ( outside temperature)

So it is Truly a Cold Smoke

The UFO Cold smoke generator has been designed to be retro-fitted to any structure that can contain smoke . Simply drill a hole using the drill bit provided in to any of the following

Traditional stainless steel smoking box
hooded barbecue
A wine barrel with a lid
A card board box
Any UFO Cooker
Fridge carcase
Walk in shed
Any vessel that will contain smoke
Any cooker that will contain smoke
Or your own idea

When fitted to a unit with a heating source i.e The burners on a hooded barbecue you can turn on the heating source while smoking to then be " hot smoking " your food - thus this unit is a cold smoking unit and can also be used to " hot smoke " if coupled with unit / vessel with a heating source .

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