Fermentation Workshop

Fermentation  Workshop
Fermentation has been practiced for thousands of years. There is a reason why this age old practice has survived the invention of refrigeration and vac packing. Not only do these foods offer huge health benefits but and full of flavour.

Preserved Cook School is please to announce this special workshop with guest teacher Ion Hangiu (Nini).

Nini is originally from Romania, where his family have practiced the art of fermentation for generations. Passing down the secrets and traditional recipes he now shares with you.

Nini is well known in the Christchurch Eastern European community for his delicious, probiotic ferments from whole cabbage sauerkraut, green tomatoes, stuffed peppers and others - completely different in style to the Germanic and Central European ferments more commonly found in New Zealand.

Course includes shared platters paired with local wine, take home samples and notes.

Saturday 10 November between approx 10:30am - 3:30pm at Preserve's Diamond Harbour venue.
NZ$ 199.00 including GST
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