Kvas Fermentation Workshop with The Kvas Co

Kvas Fermentation Workshop with The Kvas Co
The Kvas Company is New Zealand's first kvas brewer. Kvas is a traditional Slavic drink brewed by a lactic fermentation process using a starter made from rye bread flavoured with coriander seed and sultanas. It is a low-sugar, highly refreshing and probiotic beverage with complex flavours.

It has taken the probiotic and soft drink world by storm sweeping up awards along its way. Brod Kvas has won a 2017 Cuisine Artisan Award, Highly Commended Best New Product in the 2018 Healthy Food Guide Awards, and was a 2017 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards Finalist.

The Kvas Company brewer Jack Bristow will be teaching a workshop at Preserved Cook School & Eatery in Diamond Harbour.

This Kvas Workshop covers what kvas is and the fundamental kvas brewing principles and approaches, showing all the steps involved in brewing seasonal fruit and vegetable based kvasses, as well as the classic mashed rye bread kvas. Tips and techniques for achieving different kinds of kvas, from light and refreshing to dark and complex.

Kvas is more than just a drink - it can also be used in other areas of fermentation. Learn how kvas can be used as the base for fermenting fruits and vegetables, including without the need for salt. And while kvas is made from bread, kvas can also be used to bake bread, in a kind of quick and easy sourdough.

This is a 3 hour workshop and will include a sampling of kvas-based vegetables, sauces and bread, and a take-home kit with everything you need to get started brewing and fermenting for yourself.

This workshop will run from 10:30 to 1.30pm at Preserved Cook School & Eatery, 2i Waipapa Avenue, Diamond Harbour. Places are limited, bookings essential.
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Preserved Eatery and Cook School, Market stall, Preserved Eat

2i Waipapa Avenue
Diamond Harbour

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