Diamond Harbour School Take Over

Diamond Harbour School Take Over
The children on Diamond Harbour school have been in Chef's boot camp, learning how to cook like a pro. On the 31st October they will be working together to take over Preserved Eatery and present a creative, big on flavours, four course dinner using locally sourced ingredients where ever possible.

All the profits from the ticket sales go to the school for the Garden to Table initiative. Connecting the next generation back to the earth, back to basics, teaching them how to honour nature and work with nature. Discovering the secrets of growing food and creating nutritious dishes that will set them up for life. AN incredibly important skill to learn.

Please book your place and come and support these children.
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Preserved Eatery and Cook School, Market stall, Preserved Eat

2i Waipapa Avenue
Diamond Harbour

03 3294 465