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Inside a volcanic crater, where sloping hills, steeped in history roll down to the sea.  






Preserved Cook School was established in 2009 and has built a reputation as the leading school in New Zealand to learn about preserving food.  The Pig on a Day Workshop has been featured in many food publications including Dish, Frankie & Australian Country Collections as well as appearing in Topp Country (TVNZ).  Anna Mahy will share her passion for good, wholesome food made with out artificial preservatives or flavours.  Her story laced way of teaching will have you relaxed, laughing and her knowledge will give you the know - how and confidence to do it yourself!

We try to balance the old with the new, low tech with high charm, and where possible, support small farmers with happy animals raised on ethical principles. We like seasonal, local, sustainable, sensational yet doable food, and we like people that believe in that too!  We don't use chemical preservatives, but love age-old traditional methods of salting, brining, dehydrating, fermenting and smoking.  We like to share our knowledge, listen to yours, make good food, eat together and relax over a good story.


When we say local - we mean it! The milk for our cheese workshop comes from the cows who graze in the sunny paddocks at Orton Bradley.  All meat used on the workshops is NZ raised and ALL pork is Free Range!! (So are the eggs we use in our baking and pasta making!) 

 Join me, Anna, and my family, as we take you on a story-filled and relaxed journey through the art of preserving food, from Italian salumi to french charcuterie; from cheese making to jam setting and pasta making. 


Workshops are carefully crafted to be suitable for any skill level and are attended by novices to chefs alike.   

Preserved has had the honour of being featured in some wonderful magazines like Dish and Australian Country Collections and featured on Topp Country with the Topp Twins.  Read more about what the media say here

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